Carbonite Online Backup

Who can forget Han Solo dipped into a vat of silver liquid and flash frozen inside metal carbonite? Inspired by the futuristic material, Carbonite Online Backup is an online repository where consumers can safely back up their digital data. George Lucas dreamed up the metal alloy carbonite as the way of the future, but the future we are living in now uses digital data to store every kind of valuable information.

We now save important pieces of our lives in digital format from novels in progress and your entire music collection, to private financial information and years of irreplaceable photographs. What happens if these are lost?

Boston-based entrepreneurs, David Friend and Jeff Flowers, founded Carbonite in 2005, the first online company to offer unlimited storage space for a fixed price. In fact, Carbonite changed the entire method of online file storage. Prior to Carbonite, all file storage programs charged users by the gigabyte, but Carbonite's fixed price for unlimited storage showed industry-changing innovation. Since its founding, Carbonite has stored and protected more than 69 billion files for its customers, and stores over 150 million new files every day.

Carbonite has been recommended by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and, as well as computer and technology publications from PC Pro to Next Advisor, even titled "Best Windows Back Up Tool" by LifeHacker. You only have to lose your data once to recognize the value of thinking ahead and backing up your information routinely and securely. Carbonite is a product that is universally recognized for its ease of use and reliability.

What is Carbonite?

Carbonite is a software program available for Windows and Mac operating systems that runs quietly in the background of your computer, continuously uploading your valuable data for accessible storage online. Carbonite automatically detects files on your computer that are new or that have been changed, protects these files using bank-level encryption, and stores this data on secure servers in the company's data centers. The program instantly backs up text documents, spreadsheets, financial documents, photos, music, and more.

How Does Carbonite Work?

Carbonite allows unlimited back up storage, imposing no limit on the amount of data you choose to keep safe on Carbonite's servers. In fact, Carbonite was the first company to allow unlimited data storage for a fixed rate. For a fee of $54.95 per computer, Carbonite will safely store all of your files for an entire year, no matter how many digital photos you took on vacation or how large your music collection.

How Are Files Accessed through Carbonite?

Restoring your data from Carbonite's servers can be done directly from an icon on your desktop. You can access your encrypted files using your secret password, and download the files you need straight to your computer using an internet connection. If your computer is ever lost or stolen, your hard drive damaged, your data corrupted, or even if you just need more space for data storage, using Carbonite is an easy and cost effective way to ensure you always have access to the files you need.

Reasons to Back up Your Files through Carbonite

Each year 43% of computer users lose critical digital data through computer disasters. Imagine the devastation of losing hours of hard work or precious files there is no way to replace. Using Carbonite is like having insurance to preempt such losses. If you store your files on Carbonite's secure servers, you can download them all again if disaster strikes.

Of every 100 laptops stolen, only 3 are ever recovered. Save yourself the headache and the heartache of all that lost information by trusting Carbonite with a virtual copy.

Even back-up drives and external hard drives fail or are destroyed. An external hard drive kept in your house is also a prime target for theft. Avoid the risk of losing these "hard copies" and store your data in Carbonite's professionally maintained server centers.

Carbonite can help you save the digital data that keeps your small business up and running. Carbonite's fixed cost is a small price to pay to keep your livelihood secure.

Scheduling automatic updates allows you to "set it and forget it." The software does the important work of determining which files need to be updated on their servers, precluding the possibility of human error and discovering too late that you failed to make a back up copy of an important document.

Carbonite is a smart program that goes dormant when you use your computer, allowing your machine to run at top speed when you need it. When the software detects that your computer is idle or inactive, Carbonite uses that time to search for new files and upload them while you are away.

We live in a world where an unprecedented amount of data is stored digitally. Carbonite ensures users in over 120 countries world wide don't lose their files to accidents or theft. Online file storage is common sense too often realized in hindsight, but for less than $5 a month to protect all of your data no matter how many gigabytes it doesn't take much to be prepared with Carbonite.