Together we have invested more than a QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS in advanced fiber networks.

Expanding Broadband In Alabama

From hometowns to rural countrysides, thousands of people across Alabama connect to the internet through independent and cooperatively-owned broadband providers. For years, these companies have been working hard to expand broadband service to their communities, with many of them offering connection speeds and service that rival any found in the big cities.

In the past four years alone, these companies have invested more than $100 million in advanced fiber networks, covering 24,000 square miles to connect 600,000 homes and businesses in rural and hometown communities.

Our work has not stopped. The companies who make up the Telecommunications Association of the Southeast (TELSE) continue making progress in our mission to connect all Alabamians to reliable broadband internet service. There are still many areas of our state that lack adequate internet service — particularly our rural areas — and we remain committed to the job of expanding our service to every corner of our state.

An important part of this work is the pursuit of grants and loans to help build these networks. We appreciate our government leaders for taking an active role in expanding broadband. In the summer of 2021, Governor Kay Ivey signed the Connect Alabama Act into law. It created three new entities:

  1. The Alabama Digital Expansion Authority, which will oversee broadband expansion in the state;
  2. The Alabama Digital Expansion Division within the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA), which is charged with developing a statewide connectivity plan; and
  3. The Alabama Digital Expansion Finance Corporation, which will help fund broadband projects.

This framework will help us continue making strides toward ensuring all Alabamians have the broadband connections they need and deserve.

Cooperative and independent telcos connected more than 100,000 students in Alabama to broadband through Governor Kay Ivey’s ABC for Students program. That program has ended, but all participants are eligible for the new national Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program. Visit the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program site to learn more and apply.


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