Broadband = Health

With the pandemic causing some patients to postpone in-person visits to their doctor, telemedicine is gaining acceptance as a practical and effective approach for routine appointments.

Telemedicine appointments are conducted over a two-way video call, allowing medical professionals to assess your physical condition and how you respond to instructions and tests. Broadband is essential to ensure a quality connection between doctor and patient.

Health care providers can potentially diagnose and treat a number of conditions over a video connection including rashes, colds, stomach aches, and allergies. Many conditions that need ongoing monitoring such as addition and mental health issues are being successfully managed over telemedicine.

Telemedicine has the potential to save you time and money. When you connect with your doctor over broadband, you will save travel time and expense, extended time off work, and the time spent waiting in a crowded waiting room. In some cases, insurance co-pays may be less for telemedicine visits.

Not only has telemedicine proved to be an effective health care option, but it is a convenient one as well. For those living in more remote areas, or who lack access to transportation, it can mean the difference between getting the care they need or missing needed appointments. In such cases, broadband is a critical resource for maintaining and supporting your good health.