Broadband = Work from Home

Some studies show that more than 40% of America’s labor force now works remotely. While these numbers are driven by the pandemic and resulting lockdown of storefronts and offices, many companies plan to keep at least a portion of their workforce working from home.

A remote job often provides flexibility, but there is at least one absolute requirement: broadband. Websites such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed help you find the ideal job to begin with. Local newspapers, employment agencies, and temp services also post job openings online.

Broadband allows you to connect with your company’s project management system, such as Basecamp, Monday, or Asana. Many companies have virtual private networks to connect you to data on their in-house servers. Task management and time-keeping require broadband when working remotely.

Of course, working from home doesn’t mean working alone. With online programs such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with coworkers over video to create projects, make decisions, and get work done.

Long after the pandemic is over, remote work to some degree is here to stay. And in this new world of work, broadband is the key to working from home.