Broadband = Connections

While there are many practical benefits to broadband, the most important may be the human connections it can make possible. This has been especially true in 2020 when many people found themselves isolated from family and friends.

With the quarantines and shutdowns brought on by the pandemic, people turned to the internet to find ways to remain connected. Churches streamed their services over their websites and through Facebook. Birthday celebrations, gender reveal parties, family reunions, and more shifted to online, with broadband supporting these important moments in life. Platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp continue to offer online spaces for people to visit, socialize, and celebrate.

One-on-one communication is also strengthened by broadband. Messaging tools such as email and Facebook Messenger support personal, ongoing conversations.

When you need to engage with a wider community, broadband connects you to tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook where you can find others with similar interests. If you enjoy a certain hobby such as woodworking or baking or have an interest in a particular subject such as history or sports, you will find websites where like-minded people share these passions.

The internet is much more than a one-way street for consuming content. Broadband can keep you connected with family and friends while expanding your community of acquaintances with similar interests.